The Family Meal: Home cooking with Ferran Adrià

The first book of home-cooking recipes by Ferran Adrià, the world’s most influential chef. While Ferran Adrià is better known for his innovative and ground breaking gastronomic creations, this highly anticipated new book reveals, for the first time, his secrets for creating delicious, seasonal, and simple home cooked meals.
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The Family Meal’s mouth-watering recipes are inspired by the dishes eaten by the staff of Ferran’s restaurant, the legendary elBulli, four-time recipient of the World’s Best Restaurant Award. Every day at 6pm, Ferran’s team stops what they are doing to sit down to eat a three-course dinner together - this is known as the ‘family meal’. Featuring 31 meals (each made up of 3 recipes) and providing the quantities of ingredients needed for servings of 2, 6, 20 and 75 people, this book is a great way to pick up new ideas whether you are cooking at home or in a restaurant.
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Autor Ferran Adrià
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Lehekülgi 384
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