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As it is difficult to travel to Spain or South America in the near future, we can make a small jump there every week through language lessons :)


The structure of the course is balanced: there is plenty of time dedicated to different exercises such as listening, writing, speaking and grammar. Thank you so much for being great and helping me learn a new language!


I flew from the USA to Europe and saw Cuba from the plane's window. I got a huge desire to go there on a trip, but it also required a little knowledge of the language. Google helped me to discover Hispaania Maja and Neftali charmed me with a trial lesson.


If I had been taught Russian the same way that Francisco teaches Spanish, I would already be a Russian philologist!


The lessons went great, there is definitely more knowledge, I am already starting to understand some of the simpler texts and even think in Spanish. :) Many thanks to Leonardo and Neftali, it was very great to study with them and it felt like you didn't have to bother at all as a student - you can just have a good time listening to the teacher, and for some reason you remember the language yourself. :) I look forward to the next course!



  • Erasmuse päevad #ErasmusDays2023

    Kas teadsid, et iga aasta oktoobris tähistatakse Erasmuse päevi? Seekord on see 9.-14. oktoober ning selle raames toimuvad üritused üle maailma, mis tutvustavad Erasmus programmi erinevaid võimalusi. Hispaania Majas usume samuti, et läbi rahvusvahelise koostöö ning haridusvõimaluste on võimalik nii palju üksteiselt õppida. Loe lähemalt millised on meie kogemused ja tegevused Erasmus programmi raames! 

  • 7 tegevust, mida Sevillas kindlasti teha

    Plaanid reisi Andaluusia pealinna Sevillasse? Siin on 7 tegevust, mida seal kindlasti ette võtta!


  • Kas keeleõpe kommunikatiivsel meetodil sobib Sulle?

    Hispaania Majas õpetame kommunikatiivsel meetodil ning tunnid toimuvad algusest peale hispaania keele baasil. Oled mõelnud, kas see võiks sobida ka sulle? Loe lähemalt siit!

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