Cristina Pérez

Spanish teacher (via Skype)

Cristina has impressive experience as a Spanish teacher. Her career took off in Voronezh University and continued in different educational centres in St. Petersburg, Bangkok and Barcelona. She is a very versatile teacher, as she has taught Spanish at different levels, to different age groups and learners from different cultural backgrounds.

She also works as a DELE examiner and has collaborated on the compilation of Spanish study materials for the Spanish publishing house Difusión.

From: Ponferrada, Spain

Education: University of Leon (Bachelor’s degree in Spanish philology), Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid (Master’s degree in linguistics)

Additional training:

  • DELE examiner (A1-B2)

Additional experience as a Spanish teacher: across the globe, including the Voronezh University, Centro Adelante (St. Petersburg), Atlantic International School (St. Petersburg), Inlingua (Bangkok), Enforex (Barcelona), Dime (Barcelona)

Other languages she speaks besides Spanish: English, Russian

Why learn Spanish? ​“Spanish is a language of travel, business, gastronomy, history and traditions. It gives you an opportunity to access and understand the culture of more than 500 million people!”