Laura-Liis Relve

Spanish teacher

Laura is from Estonian summer capital Pärnu. When Pärnu wasn’t hot enough, Laura’s family had summer vacations at the seaside in Costa de Sol. This was the place where Laura’s passion for the Spanish language and culture began. Not long after this, Laura started to study Spanish in one of the language schools.


Laura has always been fascinated with Latin American rhythms, so when an opportunity to learn bailatino arose, she took it. Six years dancing flew by until it was time to move from her home town to study in Tartu. Destiny took Laura to study Spanish Philology instead of Psychology. Since Laura loves to socialise and learning languages comes easy, she added French and Portuguese to her languages.

From: Pärnu, Estonia

Education: Tartu University (Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology), Tartu University (Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish). Exchange student in the University of Santiago de Compostela (one academic year).

Additional training:

  • Training for Spanish teachers: Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera: didáctica y diseño de materiales. Cáceres, Spain
  • Training for Spanish teachers: Jornadas de ELE junto al Báltico. Hispaania Maja, Tallinn.
  • Conference „Reconsidering the Practice of CLIL and ELT“. Narva College.


Other languages she speaks besides Spanish: Estonian, English, French, German

Why learn Spanish? ​„It is hard to put in words what I feel when I hear Spanish on the street, Spanish songs on the radio, the noise of Spanish cafés and bars, when I gasp the hot Spanish air leaving the airport, put my bare feet on the cold kitchen floor of a Spanish home, drink this first cup of café con leche... . All this and more makes my soul sing, and I try to pass all this and much more on to my students.“