Oleoalmanzora Arbequina Premium olive oil 500 ml. Gift box

Premium extra virgin olive oil from Andalusia, Spain that perfectly unites its arbequina variety with the high quality of premium olive oils. On the palate, it is pleasantly sweet, with a slightly perceptible hint of spice at the end.

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The Arbequina EVOO, is a single variety Arbequina olive with a balanced profile, great sweetness and fruity aromas. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil perfect to be consumed uncooked, and that goes perfectly with pastry and confectionery, to make sauces of all kinds, or to pair with different meats, especially poultry. Oleoalmanzora is a family owned olive oil company which for many generations has passed on the knowledge and values of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The main activity of the company is to transform the fruit, from select olive tree plantations, into Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, providing their customers with a high quality, authentic product.
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Origin Almería, Spain
Olive variety: Arbequina
Size 500 ml
Producer Oleoalmanzora
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